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Elwyn Morgan Memories

Elwyn Morgan aged 87 talks about growing up in the beautiful village of Deri in the Darran Valley. He shares a memory with the Darran Valley History Group entitled, ‘Principles, Effort, Attitude, Values’.
Born in Deri on 7th March 1929, he lived in the village until the late 1960’s – he is proud of his heritage and to be called a ‘Deri Boy’.
His valley roots and Deri school gave him a good start in life and also set his outlook, which was to improve society by enhancing the working conditions and treatment of ordinary folk.
Elwyn started his working life as a messenger boy in Ogilvie Colliery, (now Parc Cwm Darran) and remembers the hooter and the Lloyd George. He has recollections of Evan the Co-op, the barber shop and some comical pigeon tales. Elwyn had a wide and varied career. He was involved in Trade Unionism, Health and Hospital Trusts, District Council and Local Government. Throughout his life he met many interesting and influential figures, such as Reverend Desmond Tutu, Lt. General Mordechai (Moto) Gur of Israel and Harry Secombe to name a few. The highlight was being awarded the MBE from the Queen for his contribution to society over many years. This is a fascinating memory and highly recommended viewing.



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