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Memories of Life in the Darran Valley

Grace Williams (Grace the Farm) shares precious memories with us,this video was produced with her kind permission.



Comments on: "Memories of Life in the Darran Valley" (6)

  1. Jeanette Knight said:

    Hi i was a Deri girl my mother and father bought a house in school street, there were five children me being the oldest.Steven my brother was in the same class has Anne Williams from Cefn Bach farm I found the stories that Grace Williams told very interesting,I can remember going to Peggys house in new rd to collect milk when we ran out.My father worked at Oglavie pit and every three months he would have a load of coal delivered in the street out side our house,and my mother would have to bring it through the house and put it in the shed as there was no back access because the station was still in operation then.
    Sadly our family broke up and we all live in various parts of the country but Steven and i still meet every year in Deri and relive our past.We go dog walking.
    any way i have realy enjoyed this web site the Darren valley.
    Jeanette Knight/Hill

  2. Roy Smith said:

    I am researching the life of William Richard Barker a former teacher at Deri and I wondered if older residents can remember him. I would appreciate any help.

    • Thanks for the query I will ask the group and get back to you.

    • Mary Button said:

      My mother worked in the school canteen during the time when Mr Barker was Head teacher at the school, she has a photograph of him & the canteen staff. Some of the members of our group were pupils at the school during his headship, I am sure that they would be happy to share their school memories with you. I will confirm with them and then perhaps you could make it to one of our meetings in the future.
      Regards Mary Button

  3. jeanette knight maiden name Jeanette Hill. said:

    Hi got your email only remember a Mr Rowlands

  4. Royston Smith (treasurer Gelligaer Historical Society) said:

    Message for Mary Button: Hello Mary, thank you for your reply regarding my request for information on W.R. (Billy) Barker. I would be interested in any photographs your friends have of Billy Barker. At this moment in time I am fully committed to GHS and their project of researching several war memorials. I would be very grateful if you could lend any photos so I could have them copied. I am sure Judith Jones would be happy to be the middle person and I can assure you the original photos will be returned immediately.
    Kind Regards
    Roy Smith

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