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The Darran Valley in Photographs Volume II by Peter Price Book Launch 5th February 2013

A History of

The Darran Valley

and Surrounding Area in


Volume Two by PETER PRICE

In Association with The Darran Valley History Group

Peter Price (Author) and Mary Button (Darran Valley History Group, Chair)

Peter Price (Author) and Mary Button (Darran Valley History Group, Chair)

Back Cover

Book Launch

Tuesday 5th February

Fochriw Community Centre

3.00 to 4.30 pm

Deri Library

5.00 to 6.30 pm


Welcome – Get involved


The village of Deri is a little known jewel nestled in the Darran valley, an offshoot of the Rhymney valley. Originally a mining village it is now a much sought after residential area which maintains the best of traditional valley community life. Deri is surrounded by countryside parks and areas of natural beauty and is in easy reach of major commercial centres and National Parks.


         BEFORE                                                                  AFTER

                             (Photographs courtesy of Ralph Williams)

We are currently looking for ex-miners who would be prepared to talk to us

about working in a mine, the interviews will be informal and we hope to make

a few videos of the interviews to show.

If any body is interested especially those who worked in Ogilvie Colliery please

get in touch with one of our members…..


Also if anyone has any old photographs of interest, war , church, general history of the

Darran Valley we would be very grateful.

Local Attractions and where to stay…

Cwm Darran Park

The Official Visitor Guide to the Heart and Soul Of Wales

Llwyn Iago local Bed & Breakfast

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